What to Do if Now.dstv.com/tv Enter Code Not Working?

What to Do if Now.dstv.com/tv Enter Code Not Working?

It can be annoying to have trouble with Now.dstv.com/tv enter code not working, especially when you’re ready to watch your favorite shows. To troubleshoot and fix this issue, you can take a few different actions. We’ve included several workable solutions below to help you get beyond this problem and resume enjoying your DStv service.

Now.dstv.com/tv Enter Code Not Working Solutions:

Here are the solutions that can solve your problem if the now.dstv.com/tv Enter Code is not working. Kindly check the solutions below, which can help you.

1. Double-check the Code:

Making sure you’re inputting the code correctly is the first step in troubleshooting. Sometimes the code won’t be approved because of a minor error or missing character.

Give the code shown on your TV screen another go, being mindful of any unusual characters and capital or lowercase letters.

2. Delete the Cache and Cookies in Your Browser:

Sometimes your browser’s cache and cookies can get in the way of using a website, which includes entering codes. Try deleting the cookies and cache in your browser to fix this.

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Depending on the browser you’re using, this procedure may change, but the option to delete browsing data is typically located in the history or settings menu.

3. Try a Different Browser:

Try using a different browser to visit now.dstv.com/tv if the problem continues even after you’ve cleared the cache and cookies on your browser.

Website performance can occasionally be impacted by browser-specific bugs or compatibility problems. To find out if the issue is with the browser, try using a different one.

4. Ensure a Stable Internet Connection:

The code submission procedure may potentially be interfered with by a shaky or unreliable internet connection. Ensure that the internet connection to which your device is linked is reliable and has enough capacity.

To strengthen the signal when utilizing a Wi-Fi connection, consider getting closer to the router or rebooting it.

5. Restart Your Device:

Frequently, performing a device reboot might fix brief bugs that could be impairing its functionality.

Try restarting your streaming device, computer, or smartphone before attempting to input the code on now.dstv.com/tv once more. Sometimes taking this easy action can resolve underlying problems and return functionality to normal.

6. Get in touch with DSTV Support:

If none of the aforementioned solutions work, it might be time to get in touch with DSTV Support. They have committed customer care agents who may offer further direction and problem-solving support catered to your particular circumstance.

Their contact details are available on the DStv website for which Click Here.


In conclusion, it can be annoying to encounter issues with Now.dstv.com/tv Enter Code Not Working, but by following these troubleshooting procedures, you can usually resolve the problem and regain access to your DStv content.

To ensure correctness, double-check the code, restart your device, make sure you have a steady internet connection, clean the cache and cookies in your browser, and try a different browser. Please do not hesitate to contact DStv support for further help if the issue continues.

You can continue to enjoy your hassle-free DStv viewing experience even after encountering technical difficulties if you are persistent and patient.

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