DStv’s Monthly Plans and Packages 2024 – Decoder and Stream Package Monthly Price

DStv's Monthly Plans and Packages

DStv is a leading provider of entertainment services, with a large selection of monthly plans and packages to fit every taste and budget. Users can explore the number of subscriptions offered here by DStv, whose official website is Now.Dstv.Com/Tv. Let’s explore DStv’s Monthly Plans and Packages in more detail to learn about the number of choices offered to subscribers.

DStv’s Monthly Plans and Packages 2024:

DStv offers a wide variety of packages to suit different needs and budgets. Here a details of some of their popular plans in the table:

Package Description Price (per month)
DStv Premium 135+ channels including movies, series, sports R879
Compact Plus Football matches, TV series R579
Compact Top regional and global football leagues R449
Family A diverse range of family-friendly content R319
Access Cost-effective option with several channels R129
Easy View Beginner-friendly local content R29
Premium Stream Stream DStv Premium features R799
Compact Plus Stream Local and foreign content streaming R549
Compact Stream Live-streaming access to football competitions R399
Family Stream Cost-effective entertainment for families R299
Access Stream Cost-effective streaming choice R49

Now, let’s discuss the prices in detail in the following paragraphs.

DStv Decoder Packages 2024:

DStv Decoder Packages are divided into various sections, including Compact, Compact Plus, Premium, Family, Easy View, and Access packages, which users can choose based on their budget and preferences.

DStv Premium:

DStv Premium is positioned as the highest level of entertainment and has more than 135 channels including movies, series, sports, and more. It’s the ideal entertainment destination since subscribers get access to the best local and international programming along with a free subscription to Showmax.

DStv Premium Price: From R879 PM

Compact Plus:

Compact Plus offers an amazing assortment of local and international football matches in addition to engrossing TV series. It is ideal for individuals looking for a well-balanced blend of local and international content.

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Subscribers can get access to the newest films and have the option to add Showmax at a 50% discount for a full entertainment package.

DStv Compact Plus Price: From R579 PM


Designed with sports fans in mind, Compact gives users access to the top regional and global football leagues.

Showmax is an excellent option for fans of both sports and movies because it allows users to enjoy the newest blockbuster films at a reduced price and improve their viewing experience.

DStv Compact Price: From R449 PM


Designed with budget-conscious families in mind, the Family bundle provides a diverse range of materials appropriate for viewers of all age groups.

Showmax.com subscribers can experience top-notch entertainment without going over their budget thanks to its low fee and access to the newest films.

DStv Family Price: From R319 PM


Billed as a cost-effective entertainment option, the Access bundle gives customers access to several channels at a price that fits comfortably into their budget. View guarantees that entertainment is always available to everyone by providing the opportunity to add Showmax at a cheaper price and view the newest films.

DStv Access Price: From R129 PM

Easy View:

Designed with beginners in mind, Easy View provides the greatest local content handpicked at an incredible value.

Easy View is a great way for people to start watching satellite television since it offers a cheap entry point into the entertainment industry.

DStv Easy View Price: From R29 PM

DStv Stream Packages 2024:

DStv Stream Packages are divided into various sections, including Compact, Compact Plus, Premium, Family, and Access packages, which users can choose based on their budget and preferences.

DStv Premium Stream:

This service allows users to simply stream all of the features of DStv Premium, including TV series, sports, and both domestic and foreign films to their devices.

A flawless entertainment experience is provided by DStv Premium Stream with Showmax included in the subscription.

DStv Premium Stream Price: From R799 PM

Compact Plus Stream:

This service gives users access to a wide variety of entertainment alternatives by combining local and foreign content.

Compact Plus Stream provides entertainment on the go with the option to add Showmax at a subsidized fee and watch the newest films.

DStv Compact Plus Price: From R549 PM

Compact Stream:

Designed with football fans in mind, Compact Stream provides live-streaming access to the top national and international football competitions.

Compact Stream guarantees that customers never miss a second of the action by giving them access to the newest films and the opportunity to use Showmax at a lower price.

DStv Compact Stream Price: From R399 PM

Family Stream:

A cost-effective entertainment option, Family Stream has plenty to offer the whole family.

Family Stream provides top-notch entertainment directly to subscribers’ devices via Showmax, which is available at a subsidized price and gives them access to the newest films.

DStv Family Stream Price: From R299 PM

Access Stream:

Marketed as a cost-effective streaming choice, Access Stream gives customers access to a variety of channels at an exceptional cost.

With the ability to add Showmax for a reduced price and get the newest films, Access Stream makes sure that everyone can continue to enjoy entertainment.

DStv Access Stream Price: From R49 PM

Reference Link:

Buy Packages by visiting this link – https://www.dstv.com/en-za/buy/dstv-packages


In conclusion, DStv’s monthly plans and packages – available in both Decoder and Stream options – serve a wide spectrum of customers by providing an extensive selection of channels and streaming services to satisfy all of their entertainment needs.

Sports, films, or family-friendly programming – DStv is still the industry leader in high-end entertainment for households everywhere.

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