Understanding DSTV Premium: Does it Come with Free Show Max Access?

DSTV Premium

To put it simply, the answer to the question of whether or not free access to Show Max is included with a DSTV Premium subscription is both yes and no, but largely yes!

The big brother of all DSTV subscriptions is called DSTV Premium. You can watch a variety of channels using it, such as the newest motion pictures, sports, documentaries, and entertainment programs. It’s really fantastic!

Let’s now discuss Show Max. Show Max resembles a personal library of films and television shows. It has a plethora of interesting content to view, including TV series and blockbuster films.

The best part is that Show Max is free if you already have a DSTV Premium subscription! Yes, you read correctly—it’s a part of your DSTV Premium bundle. Thus, you won’t have to pay extra to binge-watch your favorite series and films on Show Max whenever you want.

There’s a tiny catch, though. Even while your DSTV Premium membership includes the majority of Show Max, you may still need to pay extra for certain premium programming. These are typically brand-new, unique series or extremely impressive films that aren’t available in the standard Show Max catalog.

In summary, you can get Show Max for free with a DSTV Premium membership, which is great because it means you’ll have more entertainment! Just keep in mind that although the majority of the content is free, there may be some extras that cost a little money.

Now grab the remote, relax, and enjoy your combo of Show Max and DSTV Premium—it’s like having your own home theater!


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